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If Sun again set

Now, the Sun is again setting;
with fading beams a frenzy knight who shone & lit the dark with awful might
That shine is now punning and the Sun is again on verge of setting.

Shall the dark win the light?
Shall thou live in the night?
‘O’ Sun don’t forget thyself truth of fighting the dark to bring the light

Why leave hope?
though sow those seeds and reap that crop
that Sun again shine – the purely white
who can win over the night;

So the Sun may again set in



Who am I

Who am I?
A man who toil for personal needs;
A man who toil for others’deeds
Who am I?

Who is mine?
A person who is in need,
A person who has some greed
Who is mine?

What is the truth?
That I like, that I dislike;

Doubts ae there,
but answer is where?

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Forgive Me

Forgive me, I forget;
I forget thee for a while, please forgive me

I forget thy love, thy warmth I received;Forgive me
Please forgive me

Thou could forgive me nor me;
I love thee for thy love; please forgive me


A glaring ray to make the hey glaring ray
set the fire to daze the dark in its fray
Cooler the nights; warmer the day;
Suffice a cause for the fray;
Until dawn in night’s prey; that glaring ray waits the moment to make a hey.
By reaching peak, it starts to bleak;
That blazing ray, till dooms day die-hard to make a hey.

Brighten Side

fairyThrough all thicks & thins, hope you will always win

If you feel, you are alone; soon the time will come when you are along;
with someone who is nearer & dearer to you, have twinkles in his eyes to make your dreams come true.
In difficult time when life seems burden and forgets to smile;
Try to cheer & let out the fear;
cause some wonderful is approaching you with twinkling eyes to make your dreams come true.
When someone who do oppose though is very close;
a silent move forward will give you reward
Please stop at serenity inside; to resolve that hitch beside
Let the crisis go through;
move straight and share your views with a guy,
 who can twinkle your eyes; to make your dreams come true.


Request turned unheardOver & again my request turned unheard with no strain

But once when I let it, found, it would be wiser if I restrain;
Over & again………………………..
Think that should I give me a dice, to stage the thoughts that will edify
It is over again; my thoughts are restrained
Over & again………………………..
To break that ice, I tried the same for twice;
But once again my request turned unheard with no strain.