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The Hermit

On the bedding of sea, many waves lay,
tis unhurt, unseen, with inhibitions to sway.

Living their days in peace & calm,appeal they make in dusk & dawn.
Emotions like sea
Their temper swings
with blow of shocking winds.
These turn into tides,
through currents on rise.

I also clogged all my doors
to avoid heart sighs & to take respite
from those who can expose
to untrue world living in malice.

Tis not maintained for long.
She closed, opened all the doors
to make dance spirit singing on her songs.
Pierced through small beams,
she made me envision the open eye dreams.

Tis not maintained for long.
Alas! my emotions can’t be tested any more.
Lest, avert me ‘O’ my soul,
my dreams have shattered ,
my heart is broken and its pieces are scattered.


About vishaldogra120

I have interest in creative activities viz. poetry, Content Writing, making sketch, wire framing for websites.

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